What You Need to Know About Instrumentation Fittings: Tee Tube Edition

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What You Need to Know About Instrumentation Fittings: Tee Tube Edition

In instrumentation fitting, there are many types and one of the common ones is fitting. It joins multiple sections of tubes or pipes. When we use Tee Tube Fitting, it helps in dividing the flow of the fluid in two opposite directions. Also, it allows the merger of two different flows into one. 

As the name suggests, this fitting is characterized by its T shape. It features three branches: one in the middle and two on the side. The center branch forms a 90-degree angle to the two side branches. These three branches form the shape of the letter T. 

Almost in every plumbing, water, or fluid system, you can find them. Because of frequent use, it is important to pick the best-quality fitting.

Many Tee Tube Fittings Manufacturers in India produce good-quality Tee joints that are commonly used across applications and industries. 

How does a Tee fitting work?

Tee fittings are designed to join more than one section of pipes, or tubes. In most cases, the pipes or tubes are threaded. But you can find tee fittings with external threading too. With the help of the threading, the sections of pipes and tubes are joined together. Based on the need and requirement, tube fittings manufacturers in india produce threaded or unthreaded joints and supply.

These fittings are also called branch connectors. They take a single line (also called the main line) and turn it into two output lines (also called outlets). 

The tee joint can be equal or reducing

If you categorize tee joints, then there are two categories- Equal joints and Reducing joints. 

In an Equl Tee Fitting, feature openings are of equal diameter. 

In an Equal tee fitting, openings are of equal diameter. All three openings are essentially the same size.

In a Reducing tee fitting, openings are of different diameters. Here, the single inlet in the center is of larger diameter, whereas the two outlets on the side are smaller in size. Reducing tee fittings are used when one wants to divert the flow of water or fluid from a large tube or pipe to two smaller tubes or pipes.

Materials used in Tee Fittings

Since the use and application of Tee fitting is diverse, tube fittings manufacturers in india produce various types of Tee fittings using various material.

The most common one is obviously steel and aluminum. Aluminum fittings are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and more workable. 

Copper fittings are used in specific applications. They are quite costly, but they are more durable than aluminum or steel. They are heavier also that limits the applications for which they can be used.

In modern times, pipes and tubes are made from heavy-duty plastic. They give long-lasting service at a low cost. Tee Tube Fittings Manufacturers in India make top-class plastic joints for different applications. The joints can serve in all types of working environments and give trouble-free service year after year.

Since Tee fittings are vital components in widespread industrial and domestic applications, they should be chosen after some research and analysis.

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