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Best Gauge / Root Valves Manufacturer in India

Hydrox Fittings is trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Gauge / Root Valves globally.
Our valves can use in severe application like instrument isolation, General Plant service,
hydraulic and pneumatic line pressure measurement device venting.
Our testing procedures make use of cutting-edge equipment and include pneumatic
testing, hardness testing, and other types of quality testing.


Gauge / Root Valves (Instrumentation Valves)


Available in SS 316
Bar stock body design
Smoother operation
Self-cantering stem tip
Factory tested

Operating Range

Pressure : Up to 6000 psig (408 bar) at CWP
Temperature :
‐40 °C to 220 °C with PTFE packing
‐40 °C to 420 °C with graphite packing

Connection & Size

Connection : Male to Female end connections
Size : Pipe Thread 1/2” & 3/4”


Instrument isolation
General plant service
Hydraulic & Pneumatic line
Pressure measurement device

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